Driving through London – A journey worth it?


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I have always loved trains and the excitement of arriving in London on the train. That change of pace when you get there. What I dislike however is having to stick to a train timetable. Being the one to rush off at breakfast after a reunion to catch that 10am train after a trip on the tube.

So this time I tried driving in. What I discovered was a range of advantages:

1) Most train stations have to be parked at with limited space

2) Having to book in advance means being at risk when plans change and having to commit money to a future month (future budget)

I also found the petrol money (Midlands to London) at least £20 less than what a train ticket would have cost.

All in all I have learnt that driving is a good idea….however prepare to be slightly traumatised should you dare. Cyclists trying to squeezes between double decker buses, cars and motorbikes undercutting you when you go with the flow of the traffic and don’t tailgate….oh and the Tom Tom which decides to let you ‘bear right’ when you need to be in the left lane round the corner.

My conclusion: For me freedom outweighs the hassle of the nightmarish last hour of the journey….maybe next time I’ll try parking outside inner london at a tube station and see if that is the best of both worls




The Friendship Cycle – The Politics of Old Ties


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I realised today that, with old friendships you form a lot of associations with people.

The friend you vowed to be best friends with forever

The friend who was always slightly better than you at everything

The acquaintance who is always in the same group

I am lucky to be blessed with a number of close friends but I have realised that it seems to be just as important to not be getting along perfectly with someone as to be close to the others and hear is why…

By focusing negative energy on one person it always be to be able to advocate the beauty of my other friends without being jealous, have someone to moan about and bond with my other friends, and most importantly it is a healthy detox so that when I have finally got all my bad feelings out of my system (all whilst maintaining pleasantries) I can rediscover my friendship with that scapegoat friend all over again.

Ironically enough it may even be the recipe for long lived friendship

Keeping a Diary – A multitude of advantages


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One of those moments that turned into a butterfly effect:

My brother gives me a diary age 10 as a birthday present, most likely suggested by my mother….

This led to something.

I have kept a diary since 10. That was 14 years ago. At my most devoted I spent an hour on it during year 8 and 9.

What I discovered was the following:

As luck would have it, I naturally have a creepy superhuman memory, but writing a diary has been a full extension of that. Like anyone who writes a diary there are many pointless angsty entries, but there are also many joys. For example, I have written down every fun, trivia incident with friends which means that I can relive every laugh, every moment.

My favourite are writing first impressions of best friends, some are brilliant ‘some random girl’ as some example of one of my closest friends.

My only regret? Failing to be honest with my diary in recent years, being too reserved. At my best it was raw and descriptive, I can practically relive the events, these days it isn’t reported or is too cryptic to remember years on.

Trust me however, give it a go and in a few years you will enjoy reading back on all those memories you have forgotten.

Winning at Life – By pure unadulterated accident. I expected to lose


I know it’s unorthodox to gush about how right you were all along but if I’ve learnt anything I will say this. If you truly fight for something you never know where it will get you.

I got my boyfriend purely by accident. 2 years. I’ll tell you why….I worked out that I was in love and the main priority was to steal as many moments with him as humanly possible. I never expected anything in return. I am a pessimist. I expected to lose….

How did I win? I devoted myself to this task. I did not push. I just responded to any opportunity to be with him.

Stupid, yes, good relationship advise no, but a moment with someone you love is never a wasted moment, and believe me, those moments do not always lead to something, but they are a memory and that is what matters.


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Musings from the Green Eyed Monster


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I had an epiphany at the age of 15. Ten years on and I haven’t learnt from one simple mistake. I make too many attractive friends. Not only is the average cup size of most of my friends centred around an F but I seem to have acquired a catalogue of stunning friends. Want a hot gothic chic? Check. A stunning blond girl who drinks beer like a man, Check. Marilyn Monroe’s long lost twin? Yep.

It wasn’t just the looks either. Confidence, big houses, ability to write far too many penned letters…believe or not these have all lead to gaps in speaking to people for up to 3 years.


Recently I am learning, with a lot of work still in progress that the way to combat this jealousy it realising for every friend with something you don’t have, you can utilise it. Got a bigger house? It’s like having a second home really, if they had a smaller house you’d have to go over to a cramped house all the time. Are they pretty? You’ll know if a guy is truly into you and studies show you are more likely to be approached anyway if you have attractive friends. Plus, with beautiful friends you only need to worry about bringing your photo best because your friends will make every picture perfect for your next profile pic.

Yes it does often suck being the ugly duckling but there are worse things in life than having attractive friends, especially life long wonderful friends who are always there for you and will always tell you how pretty you look however unfounded that may be!

The New Lord of the Flies: 3 types of housemates you are likely to meet



I spent 5 years house sharing at uni and at my first job and thought I’d share some knowledge about the stereotypes I’ve come across and how to deal with them:

1. The one who takes you under their wing – Beware, these can make life long friends but often expect more than loyalty in return. These are the ones who will take is very personally if you don’t follow every guideline issued or betray them (this can mean all manner of different betrayals from a new friend they don’t approve of to not using the toaster settings correctly)

2. The lovable Casanova – The one that brings back more girls than you can count. They can make for the best of friends provided you don’t fall under their spell. Beware those who exude too much charm. You may fall for it and end up kicking yourself.

3. The one that instantly dislikes you – This could be someone brought into the house through a mutual friend or a ringleader in a new house of strangers, either way there is likely to be someone who just doesn’t gel with you. The best advice from my experience is to keep a cool distance, avoid confrontation and especially don’t try and be too friendly as they will hate it. Instead offer small gestures over a long period of time, be patient, eventually someone else will move in that they despise even more and they will warm to you.


The 6 hidden drawbacks to being a size 6 UK women


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1. None of the clothes in the high street actually fit – Yes there is size 6 clothing but with fashion constantly swaying towards baggy clothing and most shops changing their sizing to encourage people to shop where they are a smaller size it means most size 6 tops can range up to an actual size ten making shopping a nightmare.

2. Most people are jealous of you but don’t actually want to look like you – People for the most part would rather be slimmer but when you bear in mind most men’s preference for larger breasts it mostly means you will be ignored by most men unless you are gifted with certain assets and disliked by most women for being slim.

3. It’s socially acceptable to ask if you are being healthy – With constant reminders we should be sensitive to larger women whilst being assured of the dangers of anorexia people will always believe you are not eating enough even if you stay at a constant weight

4. Celebrities will constantly hog front pages of magazines to declare how unattractive skinny women are – In an attempt to boost the egos of women of a larger size it means it is fine to make derogatory comments about skinny women in order to make the majority of women feel good about themselves.

5. Flatmates at uni will overreact if you lose weight – Ever been a victim of freshers flu? You lose weight, ever been on a temporary heartbreak diet? You lose weight. If you are average size you might get a free meal out of a concerned friend at most. If you are skinny people will insist you eat constantly for weeks.

6. Noone else will realise how cold it is – At a bonfire you’ll be the one practically standing in the flames to keep warm, you’ll be the first to leave at that party where the back door has been left open, socially smoking will be a nightmare.

In summary, the next time you pine after being skinny and envy those with high metabolisms consider the above from someone in the know. The grass is always greener